A Story of Responsiblity


JNJ Restaurant Supply, LLC 

JNJ Restaurant Supply is a woman-owned distributor of eco-friendly restaurant to-go and catering solutions.

Our headquarters is based in Worthington, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus).

After spending time working for one of the largest contract food service companies in the US, our owner developed a passion to learn more about recycling and sustainability. Why is recycling important for sustainability ? 

She accepted a sales position at a family owned and operated plastic recycling company built on a farm in hopes of gaining an answer to this question. 

This is where she learned more about different types of plastic and the affect it has on the planet when it's not recycled.

Today we have a strong commitment to the environment and responsibility to be great business citizens to the world with a hope to make an impact on the earth we leave behind  for our children and theirs. 

As the food industry increase to-go orders and food delivery services grow, we hope that when making food packaging decisions you'll choose something that will lower the impact on our beautiful planet!